Cubase Scores: changing note value while inserting with the mouse

When I insert notes using the mouse, I have to preselect the note value before clicking the mouse and inserting the note into the score. Is there a way to change the note length while the mouse button is pressed down without having to change the quantize length or note value from the toolbar of the scores page prior? Example: Say I want to insert a quarter note, then a half note then a whole note, I would have to manually change the quantize value before each note insertion. It would be much faster if I could (while holding down the mouse key to find the correct position and pitch) also choose the note length, perhaps by using the arrow keys or a similar keyboard button?

There are two questions in your question:

  1. How to assign key commands to note lengths?
    Here: :point_down:

  2. How to set Quantize value according to selected note length?
    Answer: set Length Quantize to “Quantize Link” in Score Editor

Thank you for the information but this is not what I mean. I know how to assign shortcuts to quantize lengths and this is very helpful but what I want to do is insert notes with my mouse and change the length while my mouse button is pressed down. When you select the “insert note” tool and pres your mouse button to insert a note you hold the mouse button down to get a preview of where your note is going to appear with a small ruler above it to show the positioning. It is at this point where I would like to change the quantize length so that when I let go, the new note is inserted with the length I need.

I well understood what you wrote but I unconsciously did not want to admit that the pressed down mouse button was the main point! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could you please explain what prevents you from doing those operations before pressing the mouse button, and not after?!

Nothing prevents me from doing it that way but I would find it much faster to click with my mouse and use something like an arrow key to just scroll through note values just like you have when you use the keyboard input where you can scroll through the note values before pressing return and inserting the note. I really believe I would be able to insert notes a lot faster since I can just keep my finger and hands in the same place without having to lift them from mouse (I currently need both hands to use shortcuts to change quantize length so I would need release the mouse to do this shortcut and return my hand to the mouse for each note). Also, you wouldnt need to take your eyes off the screen since you have your fingers in place and you don’t need to look at your keyboard to locate the shortcut buttons.