Cubase SE 3 - Fix for Windows 7 / Licenser fix

I have just worked this out, and I wanted to share the information with anyone who reads this in the future!

This will tell you how to install Cubase SE 3 on Windows 7 Home Premium (and, I would imagine, other versions of Windows 7 too).

I have just got it to work, and I am very pleased!

  1. Uninstall any eLicenser software you may have installed, and make sure that the dongle (USB Key) is not plugged in
  2. Put the Cubase SE 3 disk into the machine.
  3. Say “No” to the Autorun prompt.
  4. Open the disk in Windows Explorer and run Setup.exe
  5. Setup will start to install the software from the DVD, and the Synchro Soft Licenser software will start to install.
  6. Allow this to happen, until you get to the “Finish” button in the Synchro Soft part of the installation. Click the “Finish” button. Do not do anything else in this installation yet.
  7. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Programs and Features
  8. Wait for the list of installed programs to populate.
  9. Uninstall the Synchro Soft Licenser program.
  10. Download the installation package (if you have not already) for “eLicenser”.
  11. Install eLicenser, and plug in the dongle (USB Key)
  12. Go back to the Cubase SE 3 installation which you abandoned at step 6.
  13. Continue with the installation

If you do not swap the Synchro Soft Licenser for the eLicenser software mid-installation, then Cubase SE3 will not work at all, and various error messages will pop up.

Gwyn Evans, UK

Holy crap it worked!!! Thank you Gwyn, you saved me a ton of work!