Cubase SE 3 with license Cubase 6 Elements

First I’m sorry for my English.

I have a problem, I try to open my old cubase VST proyects (*.all) on my Cubase 6 Elements, but It’s not support, I read in other topic that it’s possible with an older version of cubase like SE 3, and if i have got a new version it’s not necesary a new licence for this version. But I’m instaled this version and other version but all needs to open a new licence. Why? Is there something that I can to do to recover my old proyects?

Thank you.

If you have installed C6 Elements, you should be licensed for SE3. If there is still a licensing problem, first make sure you have the latest eLicenser installed on your computer and then try again.

I updated the software to Cubase 7 Elements by a grace period update, and I downloaded and installed the last eLicenser (eLicenser Control Center version eLC, and you can see when open it, the Cubase Elements 7 License. But if I try to open the Cubase SE 3 it’s show: “eLicenser Control Error. Application Cubase SE 3.x has caused the following error: eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application”, and it’s not possible to open it. Do you know what is the problem?
Thank you.

You may w ant to contact Steinberg about this.