Cubase SE OEM Upgrade Options?

I just found an old dongle with a Cubase SE 1.x (?0.1) and Im thinking about trying to run a Virtual System Link on an old Win XP pc synced to my current Win7 x32 Cubase 5.5.2.

I was hoping to set it up so I can run basic midi with some old syns that aren’t WIn7 friendly and mabyee a UAD1 card for fx (?) but I can’t find the disc or download for Cubase SE.

Any ideas if it’s possible to run VSL on Cubase SE and if I can’t find a download what are my upgrade options/pricing (Lite/Full) versions ? :confused:

thanks in advance

Downloads for older versions at ;

VST link ; sorry I don’t know , but “Welcome” anyway !

You can’t get SE1 there.

Looks like the dongle isn’t worth much without a program to install doh

Perhaps I should be looking at ebay eh?

thanks people