Cubase SE

I have Cubase SE (Not SE 1 OR SE 2 just plain SE) very old but I love it! Problem is it has stopped recording midi. Midi is going into it and will show up on the recording track ‘VU’ meter as activity. I can also hear the midi VST instruments which I have set up when I play my midi keyboard. But it just will not record the midi when I hit record…?

It used to be ok so I am trying to find out what has changed? I now use Windows 7. I am using the same Edirol FA66 sound card.

In ‘Device Setup’ under ‘VST Mutlitrack’ I have the Edirol selected.

It will still record audio

Can anyone help please?


So are you saying you used to use it under a different OS, like XP and it worked then but not since switching to Win7 ?

Could be that SE is not compatible with Win7, or the Edirol drivers