Cubase SE3 problem in win 8.1

Hello Everyone,
I use Cubase SE3 many years and before week ago I tried to start that on my new laptop with Win 8.1. (btw, I know that SE3 is old and isn’t supported for win 7 even 8, but I try to ask).
Everything in Cubase (Win 8.1 64-bit, 8 GB RAM) works good, but I found out one problem. When I add more than one AUDIO track (not midi and any other tracks), cubase starts freezing and stops responding as well as when I want to select one of these audio tracks. Usually cubase stops responding for 20-60 sec. and then it works good again, until I dont try to add next audio track or select that.
Does Anyone know any solution for this problem?

Thank You for every answer. :wink: