Cubase SE3

Dear All
Good day
Please Assist
I’m new to Music Recording, but would love to learn.

We live in South Africa. Long time ago a I bought Cubase SE3. Installed it on PC, never really got the Recording right. Now I would like to try it again, Seems like I cannot do an Upgrade anymore.
Saw that there was a limited time Upgrade a few years back. Does anybody perhaps still have a link to this

Got a Notebook and Alesis Multimix 12 Mixing Desk which I would like to use.
Downloaded some Drivers, but still waiting on my Manhattan EC Wirewire Card. (Only one available here)
Still searching the Internet for possible answers.


There is no longer any upgrade from Cubase SE3 because of the number of years and versions since it was discontinued. The last operating system I would suggest trying SE3 on would be XP. For sales and support in South Africa, I would suggest contacting:

MI products & Nuendo:
Tuerk Music Technology
P.O. Box 10 16, Randburg 2125
South Africa
Tel. 0027-11-7928402
Fax 0027-11-7928465

Hi Chris.
Thank you so much