Cubase sees but doesn't see interface upon startup...

i’ve got Cubase 9.5 Pro and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB interface. when i switch on the interface, Windows outputs sound through it as you would expect. then i open up a project in Cubase, press play, and there is nothing. no sound, no levels even showing in the faders.

so i go to Studio/Studio Setup/VST Audio System (where it is showing the Focusrite interface/ASIO driver), and click the “reset” button, and everything suddenly works perfectly.

it shouldn’t be a driver issue because this is a new PC and i downloaded all the latest drivers etc approx 3 weeks ago.

any idea what’s going on here? it’s a bit annoying having to do this everytime.



Just to be sure it’s not a driver issue, try the same with a Generic Low Latency Driver.

Sounds like Windows isn’t releasing your ASIO driver. Check your Sound settings in Windows and try using the No Sounds setting.

Then see if Cubase can see your ASIO driver upon startup.