Cubase sends/aux

Hello guys! Is there a way to have more than 8 sends /track in Cubase 12 Pro? Not the direct outs. In Pro Tools there are 10 sends/track… It would be helpful for multiple parallel processing, sending multiple FX and sidechaining. For a complex template or mixing session, 8 send are quite a few and it would be helpful to have about 12-16 sends/channel. If any one knows a trick with this, please let me know. Thanks!

Yes, 8 sends per channel is the limit.

The trick, or work-around, is to create “dummy tracks”.
You can route your “main” channel to a Group Track and thus get 8 more sends, route that group track to another and so on.

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That’s what I’ve done, but that ads a lot of tracks and was not very convenient to me… Thanks for the reply anyway!

Yes. What I do is I view the Cubase mix console not only as a mixer, but also as a powerful audio routing system. If you let go of the traditional idea that a group channel is only for summing and see it as a routing point that can also split and send audio, the console becomes quite flexible.
As for the organizational aspect, I tend to hide channels that are only used for routing/splitting/etc.

It’s unacceptable this day and age with some daws having unlimited sends to only have 8. It’s also unacceptable for people to have to create “dummy tracks”… Oh the irony.