Cubase setting for tuning the soundcard?


I had just spent some time tuning an analog synth using the audio inputs and the tuner plugin in Cubase. It showed spot on tuning. I laid down a few note. Set the loop on repeat and started to jam along on another digital synth. It sounded awful. So I put the digital synth trough the tuner and it showed it more than a note off. There is no easy way to tune that synth so I tried another also digital synth and it turned out to be just as off key as the first digital. This is where I got really suspicious and check all my synths. It turned out that the tuner showed the all to be off by more than a note.

Five digital synth off by the same amount, no way, there must be something wonky in Cubase I thought. So I set up a new clean project and just added one miditrack and one audiotrack. Now it showed spot on synths again. So some setting has been tweaked by mistake (me pressing some unknown keycombo I guess) that has set the whole soundcards inputs off by more than a note.

I have been looking everywhere for it, but i just can not find it. Can anybody please tell me where it is? Where do you tune the audio in channels?

You probably have a sample rate mismatch between that project and your soundcard settings.
Make sure they are set the same.