Cubase settings

Hi I have 3 key boards

  1. Korg PA3x
  2. Roland FA06
  3. Yamaha moxf
    My main DAW is Cubase. I record my keyboards midi and audio in to Cubase. But basically what I want to do is record audio and Midi for keyboards 2&3 via USB cable only and record my PA3X midi with USB cable and Audio via SPD can someone tell me what internal settings I need in my Keyboard and Cubase to do this?
    Please see pic.

For audio: Cubase can use only one ASIO driver at a time, so either the UCX, or the FA 06 or the MoXf, unless you use “ASIO4all”, which I personally would not advise.

Yes my friend I agree with you I prefer to record all Audio directly through UCX because everyone know RME gives great quality! But the thing is MOXF audio output L/R is giving me a lot of noise and hissing sounds that’s why I am thinking about using USB. I have repeatedly checked my audio cables but they are not the problem. Cables are fine there’s no noise or hiss when I use them with the other 2 keyboards!

The limitation to using only one audio interface at a time applies to both audio-in & audio-out. That means if you switch the interface you are using to receive the keyboard’s audio via usb (assuming it can send audio to the usb), then your audio-out will no longer be routed to your UCX - which I assume is how your speakers are connected.

Have you tried using an electrical contact cleaner spray on you MOXF jacks, which is the most likely source of the noise? Or more extreme is it possible to replace the jack.

Can those keyboards send audio through USB?

In my set up, Cubase 9, Virus TI and 2x Presonus Firestudio, with the Firestudios set as the audio device, not the Virus, the Virus still sends audio into Cubase via it’s USB. It acts like a VST. I’m not sure other keyboards can do this, it’s the ‘TI’ part

The Virus also sends midi from itself through the USB. The midi in/out ports on the Virus become like an extra separate midi hub that are connected to the PC via the TI’s USB cable, giving the set up essential extra ports.

I have all my other hardware connected via the 2 Firestudios, set up as devices with in Cubase. It can get quite complicated and why I’m still a dedicated Cubase user. When you start delving into those menus, you can see it’s an old part of the software they are still supporting.

Everything now works in sync and real time, including being able to place vst’s, Compression, EQ, on my hardware (Nord Rack2, KStation Rack and Novation stations) running through the project as simple as clicking open a vst. It’s really clever how it works, no need to keep bouncing the audio or setting up complicated busses, in out configs in each project.

Hi guys, I have suffering with this problem with months now and cant find a solution to it…
I use a korg pa3x and cubase 8. I want to record the style play using midi with separate channel…
This is what I’m doing…
On cubase I’m creating 8 midi track and assigning each track to a specific channel on korg pa3x keyboard and same on the keyboard.
Now the midi out from the keyboard to cubase works fine. The midi out from the cubase to midi in the keyboard messes up and changes all my patches and sounds automatically on the keyboard. I can’t find a way to get this fix. I have pretty much tried every solution.