Cubase shifting marker positions forward by x.1.xx for no reason

This issue started recently. It’s occuring on many projects as I’m exporting older tracks.

All my projects are saves with a starting point of

When making changes and then reopening them the start point shows (instead of where I set them at and the end point is shifted forward too, say, from to

Am I clicking on some secret shortcut that makes the range move forward by that much or is this a bug?

10.0.6 here.


Do you mean the Left Locator or something different, please?

Mostly left, yes.

Also exported audio sometimes does not start where the left locator was set (starts later).

Also when I’m exporting audio sometimes, even if markers are set in correct position, it will cut off the first half a second of audio.

Occasionally it will randomly insert S (start) mark that’s offset of the beginning of the imported file to a random location so I when I place a file the first second or so of it is cut off.

These kind of dumb bugs and glitches are driving me up the wall. I’m exporting a large project and I don’t know how many times I had to re-render files and videos I use music with because I didn’t catch Cubase acting crazy.


This is by design. 1 second (set in the preferences) of pre-record is “cut”, when you import an Audio file, which has been recorded in Cubase. This feature has been discussed here on the forum many times already.

Thank you. Chaos and sabotage by design? As useful as a wheel falling off a car at high speed. Probably the craziest Cubase “feature” but I guess we have to accept it.


It has its logic and sense. Just please learn/study how does it work, to understand it.