Cubase silent

My cubase is silent, my ur22 mk2 is not active, but when i open a newer project there is sound?! Cubase 11, iMac i7 4,2mhz, 48gb ram , ur22 mk2


Could you be more specific, please?

What is the settings on the Audio Connections > Outputs? How is the routing in the MixConsole?

Could you click to the Deactivate All Mute States and Deactivate All Solo States buttons (even though they are grey), please?

It says not connected it says e-mu asio stereo. All the level lamps are there on the tracks, but no sound. Midi port setup says active on stein bergs ur 22 mk2 port 1.

The missing ports are unmapped.adio, input not connected output not connected


If Out is not connected, set the proper Output, please.

Icant make it work!!


Any info would be helpful. What did you try? What happened? What was the result? Any screenshots…?

i trend every thing , changing every parameter but no sound, I get ur22 both input and output but cubase doesent understand e-mu 0404 is still there


If you want to change the ASIO driver, do so in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System.

tryed that


What happened? Any message, any result, any screenshot?

nothing happened; the parameter are flashing but no sound.


Please, provide screenshots from

  • Studio Setup > Audio System
  • Audio Connections > Outputs
  • MixConsole > Routing

How do I get a screenshot?


Shift + Cmd + 4, then press spacebar to switch to the window mode, select the window and click.

Google is your friend.


I knew, why did I ask for the screenshots. Finally we can see, what’s going on here.

You are using MIDI tracks. The outputs of the MIDI tracks are routed to the UR22 MIDI Out. So either you have any MIDI device/synthesiser connected (then you would hear the sound on the output of the synthesiser) or use Instrument Tracks (using for example HALion Sonic SE Instrument) instead of MIDI Tracks.

Thanks very much, kind regards
Tobias nilsson