Cubase skipping possible cure for some

So im experiencing this skippping going on in cubase which as you would expect was bugging the crap outta me. The thing is, i felt as if this wasnt a direct cubase problem . What i eventually worked out is when i had multi windows opened in cubase, plugins etc… and i used my mouse gliding over these windows i would sometimes hear the music skip/jump. so i started digging and then i found that disabling “scroll inactive windows” actually stopped cubase sessions from skipping when i was moving my mouse around the GUI.

Now im not suggesting for one second this is a fix for everyones popping/skipping or jumping in cubase but this worked for me and im yet to hear a skip hop or jump since turning this setting off.

All the best!

Hi @Muzik4Life

Which version of Cubase are you referring to? I am not sure what you meant with this “skipping” phenomenon, would you be able to send a screencast? Gif or video should work.


Hi Armand,

At present im using C13 and i have noticed it with C12. Looked into this and it turns out this has been a long-standing problem with windows 10 since the introduction of that setting. Like most problems with windows some will experience and some wont. I also noticed this when having itunes running in the background and these settings switched on. Switching it off stops all stuttering/skipping. I must investigate what my options are for video screen capture because the system im using only has music software installed.