Cubase SL 3 help

I’ve not used my software in years and now want to install it on my new desktop.

It’s installed, with USB on old computer that’s been stored away.

I still have my USB dongle and the installation disk, but I’ve lost my activation key… is there a way to retrieve it from the installation on my old computer?

Thanks - Glen

Cubase 3.1.11 Build 944 - Built on Oct 13 2005

Connect your USB eLicenser to your computer, then download the latest eLicenser Control Center and run it:

If the license is in this dongle, then you don’t have to activate Cubase again. You just have to install Cubase.

Note that this Cubase SL license allows you to update to the latest Cubase Artist for $100 off the regular full price. This is recommended if you’re running a recent operating system. The version you have is over 13 years old, and compared to it Cubase Artist 9.5 will be much more intuitive and faster to use, and on top of that there’s a ridiculous amount of new features, and the stock instruments and effects are much better.

Thanks for replying…

When installing from original disk, it instructs me to leave dongle un-attached and to enter my activation code before it will proceed with installation.

Are you saying I can ignore the activation code on my new machine? Should I plug the dongle in, and then install?

After installing Cubase, connect the dongle and then install the eLicenser Control Center. That should work.

If the Cubase installer is asking for a Serial Number/Installation Code, use the one listed here:

This is a different thing from your Cubase license/activation code.