Cubase SL 3 updating to the newest version

Hi guys I have been owning a copy of Cubase SL3 for about 10 years and i am looking to upgrade to the newest Version does anyone know if it is still possible to update from the oldest version to the newest version .
Dont wanna waste my money if it is not possible thanks for for ya help

I don’t see an upgrade path from your version when I look at the store. Cubase 4 is the oldest upgradable version I see.

Thanks for the reply I also looked at the store but am getting conflicting information for different sources
Would be great if we could contact Steinberg directly. to ask the question I am Australian living in Asia and they don’t have English as an option. I also cant call Australian help desk cause the info page says only calls from within Australia. Does anyone have any options how i can contact Steinberg directly
And Jaslan thanks so much for spending the time to help me out much appreciated

Hi Winky

I’ve just contacted Steinberg support for you and spoke to Felipe who says he can offer you a special upgrade path to 7.5 which will then entitle you to a free upgrade to Cubase pro 8.

I have asked Felipe to contact you.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards

James Colah