Cubase SL and Windows 8

Hi all

After almost 10 years of no music making I’m getting back into it.

My question is will my copy of SL run OK on a new PC running Windows 8? I have Macbook now but am happy to buy a laptop PC if SL will work on one - I’d prefer to have a dedicated machine for music anyway.

When I bought it, it came as VST 5 with an SL upgrade and I recall at the time I also needed to run an immediate update so also would like to know if everything I need is still available to download.

Thanks in advance.

Tony (newbie, in case you hadn’t guessed!)

… I thought I should add I also have HALion (the sampler not the softsynth) and V-stack (bought at the same time as SL), so would like these to work in Windows 8x too.

I’d also like some perspective; having looked around the web for a bit I am wondering if I’m better off buying Cubase Artist 7 and a new PC - things have obviously moved on some since I last used Cubase.

My usage will be home only and I’ll be working with samples, a sound module, soft-synths and a controller keyboard - there will likely be guitars and vocals to plug in too along the way.

Thanks again.

I’m running Cubasis VST5 and SX2 (and SX4) on Win8.0 without major problems. You’ll need to download the latest dongle software from the Steinberg website. But some VSTs won’t work - the LM drum synth is one.
All updates are available. see
I also run Halion II on Win8.0, so Halion 1 will probably work too. No idea about V-Stack.

I’d suggest that for your intended usage you start with what you have; it should be adequate. After you’ve used it a bit, you can decide if an upgrade is worthwhile.