Cubase slave,midi external sync?


Is it posible to slave Cubase to an external midi clock device?
I tried what the manual says (transport external sync configuration) but can’t succeed.
I want to press play on my external device and that Cubase start to record according to the receiving clock message.
Do i missing something?


Why don´t you simply read the relevant parts of the manual? Concerning MIDI clock, the manual very clearly says:

Yes,pretty clear indeed.
I must missed that part (496).

Thanks for clarify.

What´s wrong with the people in this f****ing world??? Instead of a simple and polite answer like “unfortunately Cubase does not support being a MIDI clock slave”, do you really need to quote the manual kinda giving some prepotent lesson? You don´t deserve the Grand Senior Membership, "thinking(notsomuch)cap(seems a pvt to me). Learn something with the kind answer from jconstantine.