Cubase slows down randomly

Since a few weeks (after not using Cubase for a few months), I’m running into a really weird problem. Whenever I start Cubase and start working on a project (any project, empty or nearly finished), after a while Cubase becomes terribly unresponsive. Interestingly, my CC121 always loses its connection with Cubase at the moment this starts. The program can take up to a minute to respond to mouseclicks or keyboard shortcuts, and it goes ‘not responding’ when I try to shut it down.

It seems to happen regardless of which plugins I use, and it happens suddenly. I’ve had it happen during playback, but also while in an editor or even after I come back after a while of not touching the laptop. Sometimes it lasts just half a second or even less (the cc121 loses connection and doesn’t restore it so I’ll know when it happens), but most of the times it’s permanent and doesn’t stop untill I restart the application.

I thought I had nailed it earlier, because DPClatencychecker showed some very regular (10s.) spikes of increased latency, which I tracked down to the WiFi adapter. It also caused some very rare huge latency spikes. These huge spikes also showed up on the ASIO meter, and usually they would trigger the above symptoms. Additionally, if it restored from the spike, somehow the latency compensation was buggered, and midi tracks to hardware would play out of sync with sound generated from within Cubase. Disabling the WiFi in device manager got rid of all the DPC spikes. Whenever a slowdown appears, it never shows in the ASIO buffer meter, and neither does it go out of sync afterwards, so the WiFi was definitely related. The slowdowns are still there though, and I have no idea where to look next.

I’m not running anything exceptional in the background, nothing I haven’t had running there before anyway. I’ve already trashed prefs to no avail. I’m running DPC latency checker which shows no problems whatsoever, and I’ve tried the disabling things one by one game. When I open taskmanager during a slowdown it shows no exceptional cpu load or ram usage. See specs below.

Any hints other than reinstall/format would be appreciated. I would format if I had the time, but it’s really inconvenient right now, as I have several programming tasks I’m working on on the same laptop currently, I’m very likely to bugger up my neatly assembled combination of editors and compilers if I have to reinstall all that.
On the other hand I promised my family to help them recording with some ideas we had which has to happen in the coming month, so I really need a stable system. :confused:

Long story short: halp!

I suppose you did try running without the CC121 connected, or even uninstalled? Could be that what seems a result is actually the cause…

you sure you don’t have an antivirus/malware app running? Something like windows defender?

Cheers, will have some time to test tomorrow, I’ll double check everything.
I feel a bit handicapped without my cc121, so I really hope it’s not that :wink:

Disabled antivirus to no avail, crash within 5 minutes.
I unplugged the cc121 and ran Cubase for 2 hours straight…
I’ll try reinstalling it, I really hope it’s not broken… :confused:

It could be the power to the USB controller, or the USB controller itself. Not necessarily the 121.

Hmm, the cc121 is on its powerlead, as well as on a powered USB connection, so I doubt it’s the power.
Just had another succesful session of over an hour, so it’s most likely related to the cc121.

I’ll try reinstalling it coming Friday.
Thanks so far :slight_smile:

If there is one, try an older driver for the CC 121.

Hope you get it sorted without too much hassle - at least it’s a clear cause of the problem.

Took some time, mostly because I hate troubleshooting and couldn’t be bothered.
uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers did the trick, just had a 3 hour session with no issues whatsoever, cc121 back in full action :smiley:
Cheers for the help guys!