Cubase snap


I have an issue with copy paste/dragging snapping.
I have a long project so the zoom is very low.
The issue is that even with snap set to 1 bar, when i copy/paste/drag a midi part, there is often a very tiny gap about 1/64-1/32, sometimes even more. So i need to zoom max to see and drag exactly the midi track.
Is there a way to disable this offset error?

Ps: Using duplicate does not seems to produce any issue.
Ps2: Midi track are about 64 bars.

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I have exact same issue. It is so annoying and drives me away. Arrange track and draw tool same issue. I don’t see any setting in preferences to make snap stronger or give user a better feedback.

I understand, it’s really anoying specially when you work with midi devices. I dream of the time coming short i hope to have an hardware sequencer, much more simple and reliable.
It’s so frustrating thinking that our composition can have such not wanted offset.
Sometime it’s even a nightmare, because you resize move the track and all note are no more well positionned, and quantize is asolutely not wanted!

I’ve never experienced this issue. But you should be able to correct it without needing to zoom by adjusting the Part’s Start position on the Info Line.


What do you have your Snap Type set to?




Yes you re right but it is the same as zooming and set the track corretly.
another annoying example:
new track version
copy past to the track
apply a midi effect
New track
is wrong because midi merge is based on the loop selection
and the track copied was misaligned about 1/16
everything to do again

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