Cubase song do not retrieve Rewire connections, argh!!!

Hi guys!

Every time I open my song, Cubase have lost the Rewire connection mapping for tracks, showing all “not connected”. (I have Reason rewired). What do I miss? Is there an automatic way to retrieve it? What do I do wrong when saving???


Please have a look here:

Thanks George, that doc fixed the actual problem. It may lack one more important tip: when opening the Song (prior to open the rewire program), Cubase shows a dialog window claiming for “missing ports” (that of the not-yet opened rewire program): One must click on CANCEL and not on OK! , as I eventually done … :frowning:


Hello All;
I am having a “hellified” time with trying to play multiple instruments in real time via rewire and cubase. I have an M-Audio Axiom 61 (original) A radium 49 and a Roland PK5-A foot controller. What.s happening (Mainly w/ the Axiom) I keep assigning Zones to the the keyboard so i can play different instruments on different Midi Channels Simultaneously. But what keeps happening is if i make more than 1 Midi track active in Cubase, it plays both instruments in both Zones (layering Them) I have spoken to Stienberg, M-Audio, and Propellerhead. None can give me a straiaght answer. I’m begining to think it’s a driver issue in the Axiom that M-Audio never thought of (My setup is a little un-coventional). Any thoughts on this? :unamused:

I think you need to describe the problem much more detailed.

Is it really a ReWire related at all? Does the problem only occur when you are using Cubase connected to Reason? What do you mean by “it plays both instruments”? Who is “it”? Which instruments? And how exactly do you “keep assigning Zones to the the keyboard”?

Considering all this it might make sense to repost a new topic.

What I’m saying is:
I have miultiple instruments (virtual synths) set up in my Reason Rack.
The Keybaord can be seperated into 4 zones (or splits… if you will.) Each zone can have its own set of midi channels 1-16 for a total of 64 channels (16 per zone)
For example, Say I put a Taurus bass on zone 1 on Midi ch1, Then Put a string synth on zone 2 midi Ch3 and I try to play just the taurus bass, both instruments sound regardless of what midi channel I have them set to. This only happens When I have Reason Rewired to Cubase (Tested it this morning). So, My first theory of it being a driver was wrong. I think what’s happening is Cubase is Patching all my devices through a single global channel. Trouble is, I don’t know how to seperate them in Cubase. :confused:

Very sorry, Ineed to correct myself. It’s patching all my “Physical controlers” to a single Gobal channel.

Each MIDI track in Cubase is collecting all incoming MIDI data from all channels of the selected MIDI input port. You need to switch on and use the Input Transformer to filter unwanted channels. After all, it is not necessary to create your own filter. Simply use the “Pass CH” presets from the “Channel Filtering” section from the preset pull-down atthe upper left corner. The operation manual reveals further details.