Cubase sound does not go to Zoom

As the title says sound from Cubase does not send to Zoom when in a meeting. I know I am not the first one that experience this and I have thought about Voicemeeter banana. But before going through the pain of setting it up I would like to hear if there are easier or better solutions out there.

Best, Thomas

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You need an extra routing application.

are you on Mac or Windows?

sorry I am on windows

What audio interface do you have? Does it have a loopback feature. You need that or as mentioned above some other software to route the output into zoom.

Thomas, in case it’s helpful, I’ve just posted my process for solving this with my audio interface. How to stream Dorico over Zoom using Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 4th Gen. interface - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Good luck!

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I use a Tascam series 102i soundinterface.
So what software would you recommend ?



Are you on Windows or Mac?

Have you read the @SteveInStudio’s post?

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From what I’ve just read, while the Series 102i doesn’t have a loopback feature, it does have a DSP-based input/output mixer that you can control via the free TASCAM Control software. Could you use it to route the Cubase sound to the same output channel as your mic?

Voicemeeter is going to be your best bet.

Why is that necessarily so? Just curious.

Why is what necessarily so?

If you mean why can’t Cubase do it natively, it’s because they concentrate on ASIO for the most stable, best performance possible when producing music.

great I will take a look at that

here are two screenshots from the routing in Tascam 102i.
But it seems there are not a lot of routing options. As everything is locked. Any idea if its possible ?

I am trying to get voicemeeter to work but its a bit tricky. I can get sound from Cubase into voicemeeter and it goes to my speakers - no problem. But I cant get it to record it in OBS. I have tried all sorts of combinations but got stuck. Any idea from looking at this screenshot ? I can also record a video in case.

You can find some videos or articles online about getting voicemeeter working with OBS or similar. I would start there.
I would think you set playback to a voicemeeter virtual port not your speakers and then set that as OBS input?

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Voice meeter is a bit tricky or lets say the whole routing through many different sources is tricky. Anyhow I got OBS recordings to capture sound from Cubase and the microphone. But when it comes to zoom I cannot not get it to work. I think I will have to study more videos to figure it out. will be back when I find out a solution.

There’s plenty info out there, you should be able to get it sorted…here for example:

I finally got it now. From listening to youtubers a lot of people also struggled with it.
But its been a good learning process to understand the signal flow as well.

Thanks for the help !

And THAT’S why I found my sound interface solution so much easier.


I have checked around in the mixer of the 102i series sound interface but it doesn’t seem like there is anywhere I can send to my Mic.

Or maybe I just couldn’t find it. Not sure.