Cubase sound Levels bouncing but not sound

Hi There

My cubase today decided not make any sound. All levels are moving perfectly even the master track is receiving the full signal. But i cant hear anything.

I have checked my Studio setup and Audio connections and everything is fine there.

Then i found a fix for my Tracks by going to the inspector and changing the output manually for all tracks. However the problem remains for my Groove Agent and Kontakt plugins. both plugins are producing the full signal but i cant hear them!

I wasnt able to manually choose the output for my MIDI tracks just how i did with my Waved tracks.

Ive attached a screenshot of where i think the problem might be coming from, but i dont know how to fix it or if its really the source of the problem

Please help!!


This dialog says this MIDI Output port is currently not in use for any MIDI Track. So I believe this is not the problem.

DO you use Instrument Track or Rack Instruments, please?