Cubase speeding up my audio loops

I normally work with loops in a different program but i’m trying to do it all in cubase.

Right now I have a beat that is at a slower tempo. When i drop the wav file into cubase, it automatically speeds it up. Raising or lowering the tempo in cubase has no effect on the loop at all, it stays locked at it’s sped up tempo whatever it is.

When i play the wav file in ableton it is at the normal tempo and I can raise or lower this tempo with the click of a button. It’s doesn’t seem so simple in cubase. Can someone tell me how to achieve this?


Sounds to me like your project sampling rate in Cubase is 48000 and your loop is 44.100 - that will make it play faster.

There are a number of ways of stretching audio and manipulating tempos. A dip into the manual will help and no doubt others will chime in to explain how they use musical mode, timestretch, warp, tempo detection etc. Use these search items to lead you in the right direction

there was recently a ‘fix’ to the way audio was stretched and now it’s corrected…

I noticed a change (for the better) in my projects. Make sure your up to date with patches.