Cubase Start - boot - possibility to stop VST Plugin integrity tests

the boot process (integrity tests) , in particular the reading in of VST instruments, takes a very long time on all systems that I use
(Nuendo 10 - Cubase 10, several laptops, PCs).

The behavior is approximately the same on all systems.

There are a lot of VST instruments used. Even after Cubase or Nuendo has recognized this once, the boot process is still very slow despite SSDs.

I also use Reaper and FruityLoops Studio 20 on the same systems with the same VSTs. Everything starts there immediately and IMMEDIATELY!
It’s very exhausting to wait so long for Cubase and Nuendo.

There is another program on my systems (Reason 11) in which the boot process also lasts forever.

If I want to produce something fast with others, I sometimes switch to the faster starting DAWs so as not to have to keep the musicians waiting.

Is not there a way to speed up this startup process significantly, just as Reaper and FruityLoops have been doing well for years from the beginning?

Other users, who also use many VSTs, also complain about it and for years. There are only no complaints if you can restrict yourself to Cubase VST plugins or if you only use very few plugins.

I have e.g. almost everything from Arturia and Native Instruments in use … + almost everything from Gforce, now Reason 11 as a plugin u.a.
There comes a lot together. The boot process often takes more than 5 minutes. It would be very useful if the technique could improve - because it should be possible, as other DAWs show.

It might be good to give the user a chance to decide for themselves whether or not they want to run through the integrity routines automatically at the start of the program.

If not, the user should be given the opportunity to selectively disable them temporarily, e.g. to be able to press a key combination at system startup that prevents these routines.

So he gets the opportunity - if it has to go fast - to skip these routines.
This does not mean the possibility to simply start without VST instruments - as it has now become possible in version 10.5. No, it’s just about skipping the long-running routines.