Cubase startup screen loading problem

When launching Cubase (I’m on v13.0.30) the startup screen often loads incorrectly (as below) - perhaps 1 in 3 startups - and I have to quit and re-launch to get to the normal screen because Cubase won’t open in a fully functional state.
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 13.26.04

I’m currently on a M1 Max MacBook but this has been an ongoing problem for me on many different Macs and OS versions since at least Cubase 10 or 11 - so not a recent thing by any means.

I used to put it down to the USB e-licencer but obviously that’s no longer the case.

Has anyone else come across this and if so, is there any fix?

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This appears, if you hold Shift + Alt while starting Cubase. But you should be able to use Cubase (create a new project, open an existing project).

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Many thanks for the reply Martin.

I’m launching Cubase in the usual way but out of curiosity I tried holding Shift+Alt when starting up and it doesn’t seem to do anything different. Is that a Windows thing perhaps?

However, the problem is that when I try to create a new project or open an existing one from that screen Cubase seems to load in a partial state - certain functions e.g. creating new tracks don’t work correctly.

As a result, I have to quit (sometimes by force quitting) and try again. My real concern is that the project might get corrupted in the process.

As I said earlier, I’ve been getting this behaviour on various Macs since version 10 - not every time I start up Cubase but often enough to be a concern.


I’m sorry, the Shortcut is: Shift + Cmd/ctrl + Opt/Alt.

It’s both: Windows and Mac.

It was a very old trick, how to keep the old window, when Steinberg Hub was introduced. So this winwo was there before the Hub and holding the Shift + Cmd/ctrl + Opt/Alt, you could bypass Hub and jump to this old view.

But, since Cubase 13, this doesn’t work anymore. If you “hack” Cubase this way and you click Create New Project, you get the right-part of the Hub anyway, but it’s not working.

So you shouldn’t use it.

My question is: Did you maybe remove the Steinberg Hub component manually?