Cubase/Steinberg branded attire?

The other thread about mousepads made me wonder if there would ever be any branded merchandise available at some point from SB or Yamaha, T-Shirts, hats, coffee mugs, beer steins, whatever… (and mousepads too).

I’ve scored a few promo items in the past ( at Club Cubase events), but would enjoy being able to purchase some of these things…

What say the mods? Does your marketing team ever consider this?

Cheers :mrgreen:

And if you’re thinking it… go ahead, call me a fanboy, I like Cubase/HSO /Wavelab! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, same here. I always buy boxed products too, just to have something on the shelf to show off. The more branded merchandise the better. I’d also really like some stickers to put on my laptop, it’s already got Native instruments, terratec and behringer on :wink:

:laughing: Ha ha! Now that would be pretty funny… I’m still waiting for my Zap Electric T-Shirt XXL! :wink:

I’ve got loads of “gear” t-shirts, I wear em to death but they ain’t getting thrown out. Could do with a few Cubase T’s that’s for sure…

How about a Cubase bong… :wink: :open_mouth: !



Das Bong! :laughing:

I’m 6 foot 1, 225 lbs, and some would say I appear to be carrying a baby-keg! :laughing: The extra X is cuz everthing shrinks. XL would be the actual size!

Sorry for missing the A- on your company name… that gets you to near the top of the list in the phone book! :wink:


I would buy both a Cubase t-shirt, as well as a Zap Electric shirt. I have tons of shirts and hats sporting various music gear logos, mostly Ibanez

That’s what the ladies all say… :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternately they ask if that’s a bong in my pocket or am I just glad to see them!

This is a dicey subject for me. A couple years back I purchased a black Spectrasonics tee because it was black. I no longer wear it as much because I live in the middle of the city and the rainbow colors of the Spectrasonics logo started to draw unwanted attention. :laughing: For that reason and because I don’t wanna be a walking advertisement, I’ve changed my outlook on wearing certain merchandise. Some stuff I’ll wear, but it ain’t gonna be because I think it makes me look cool, but rather, because the piece of merchandise actually IS cool in and of itself. I prefer subtlety where you can’t tell it’s marketed merchandise unless you’re standing a couple feet away from me… like a black on black ‘steinberg’ embossed tee.

I even changed the auto dealer license plate frames on the majikmobile because it’s a nice enough car (SAAB) and because I already know where I bought it. The simple, clean lines of the chromed license plate frames look good, instead of the ‘Carter SAAB/phone number/street address’ license plate frames which originally came with it.

If I were ever to market my own merchandise, I know I’d have to alter my outlook.

So it would seem that so far, based on the responses to this thread, that it is a positive idea for some Steinberg branded merchandise to be made available.

So how about it Mods? People willingly ready to pay to advertise your products!