Cubase still crash and randomly appear message errors

I think this version is most unstable version of the history. Is simply unusable. I don’t wanna a version 11 …I’d like to have a version that works at a decent level. I’ve attached some crash files of last few days. Cubase spent a lot of time for closing every project and 9 times over 10 crash. For no reasons!!! It’s riddiculus. Hope to see some good news from steinberg, and please…do not discarge fault over thirty parts plugins cause the same plugs works with no issu under other daw.
Cubase 64bit 2020.9.30 (518 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.10.5 (551 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.10.14 (479 KB)

Dumpfile 1: Gem Comp 76
Dumpfile 2: Gem EQ 84
Dumpfile 3: Gem Dopamine


Under p.t. or studio one no problem at all. Still remain a cubase problem. We are a lot of People that every day declare cubase crash…and this is your solution? Thirty part plugs. Is it a joke or what?

Debug: The plugin Gem_Comp76-64.vst3 (not Cubase) is invoking an Ïnvalid pointer read in Windows 7 SP1.

But you don’t want any help so Good luck, (no joke!)


And why the other daws have no problems? The message error when I quit say that console1 has not been discarged. All plugs are original and have zero problems under others daw. So? Cubase 8.5 has no issue, so? I don’t wanna help? I wanna a daw that works! All that I want. And if you read many post in this forum you will see that I’m not alone.
Are again the plugins? Really? I use cubase since atari version, 10.5 sucks, and it’s not funny to see steinberg doens’t care anybody.