Cubase Stock Presets - Naming and acronyms?

What means “AM xyz…” or “ECO xyz…” or any further acronyms?

Thanks for some illuminating explanation.

Here’s some acronyms commonly used by the presets found in the MediaBay. Some of these are kinda obvious, but I’ll list them in case some new users are confused by them.

Track/Channel Strip presets:
AM - Presets made by Allen Morgan, professional audio engineer and sound designer
BGV - Background Vocals
DI - Direct Inject, a mostly dry guitar/bass signal connected directly to a mixing desk/audio interface
ECO - Simple presets using less effects, low CPU usage
ER - Reverb Early Reflections
GRP - Intended for Group Tracks
Lite - Alternate version of a preset, with effects that introduce less delay and use less CPU
M - Mono
SR - Surround
ST - Stereo

VST Amp Rack:
ME - by Mark “M.E.” Edwards, from American Power Metal band OVERLORDE
Rods - by Rodrigo “Rod” González, from German Rock band die ärzte
SR - by Steve Rothery, from British Rock band Marillion
Ty - by Ty Tabor, from American Progressive Metal band King’s X
(other artists also made presets)

Halion Sonic SE:
MW - Use modulation wheel
VX - Presets using samples from the Motif XS/XF and other Yamaha keyboards, provided to demonstrate Expression Maps
NoteExp - Cut-down presets using samples from the full version of Halion Sonic, provided to demonstrate Note Expression (a few other presets use samples from the full version, but aren’t labeled)

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Great!! Thank you!