Cubase stopped recording for no apparent reason

I was just transferring a vinyl record to my computer with Cubase 12 Pro, using a Behringer UMC404HD at 24 bits 192 Khz. I was doing this on the side while I was working with my work machine on the monitor in front of me, and my machine on the second monitor.

I had the headphones connected to the Behringer, and monitoring the output from the computer, not direct. So the audio kept coming, and from time to time I would peek at the second monitor and the meters kept going up and down.

When I heard the record go into the center groove, I got up to pull out the pickup, and I looked at Cubase and I see that it’s recording, but there’s no waveform. I thought it might be some graphics refresh problem, probably will show when I stop.

But I stopped and there was no waveform. So I start going back in the timeline and I see that the waveform, and the recording stopped at 0:31:05.000 for no apparent reason. I realized now that I didn’t change the project duration, but that is set to 0:45:02:16, so that’s not it.

The Max Record Time shows as 228h 13m, so that’s not it either.

Is this a bug, or is there anything I may have done to cause it? I wasn’t doing anything with my computer, I was only using my work computer.


The Project Duration would change, if you would reach it’s border.

Cubase was still recording. So to me it looks like the Audio Device didn’t provide the signal anymore for some reason.

If that was the case, I wouldn’t have heard anything coming through the headphones. I am positive, and I checked that just in case, that I wasn’t using direct monitoring on the interface.

I’m new to Cubase, is there any situation for which it would still show that it’s recording, even moving the meters up and down to the music, but not actually recording to a file and therefore not showing a waveform?


It depends on the routing. If you had Direct Routing, you didn’t listen thru the Cubase track.

OK, this is weird… Did the meters move on the Audio track or on the Input Channel?

Like I said in my previous post, I’m absolutely positive that I wasn’t using the direct monitoring in the interface, unless you mean something else as direct routing.

Either way, I know it was the audio stream coming out from Cubase because I had an EQ applied to the stereo out channel, and before I recorded I went back and forth between direct and Cubase.

Besides, it recorded for 31 minutes just fine, so this is not a matter of routing. Obviously I didn’t change anything after I press record, everything was setup before.

All of them. Track, and in the mixer, stereo in, track, and stereo out. Plus the big one on the right.