Cubase Stopped Saving .vst presets?!

For whatever reason Cubase has stopped allowing me to save .vst presets for NI Massive. It was working fine earlier today and I made about 20, and then it stopped working. I made a quick video showing whats going on in my system: - YouTube

I’ve restarted my computer, tried fresh projects, and this problem still occurs with only Massive. Every other synth works fine.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

delete the “Default.XML” in the : user/appData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 75_64.

Anyone know where this file might be on the mac?

update: Per the wonderfully helpful Luis Dongo, I’ve booted in safe mode without preferences, and the .vsti now save fine again. So the question now becomes, which preference can I remove to allow massive to save presets again without having to redo all my preferences again?

We found out the Browser pointed to a non existing folder inside the VST3 User Preset location for the affected plugin and did not fall back to default. That’s a bug and will be fixed.

A folder inside a VST3 User Preset Location unfortunately cannot be renamed from (within the SaveDialog, not even from … Edit: see my next comment) within the MediaBay. If that would have been possible, you would not have run into the problem. I’ll take that feature down as a request for the future.

Meanwhile, if you want to rename a certain folder in the Finder/Explorer make sure your Preset-Browser does not point there and shutdown Cubase before. The User Preset Locations, like VST3 User Presets are roughly rescanned on Cubase start and the changes will be reflected by the MediaBay and their Preset-Browsers.

NEVER rename anything like the folder of the or the or any parent folders of them, doing so would break the VST3 Content structure.

But what if you got stuck and do not want to remove your complete Defaults.xml? You can remove the affected item in the defaults manually, an editor like notepad++ comes in handy for the following steps:

*** CAUTION: PLEASE! backup your data if you don’t know what you are doing here. Your Cubase Defaults become corrupted if their xml structure is broken. ***

  1. Close Cubase
  2. Go to the preferences folder and open the “Defaults.xml” in your editor.
  3. search for the string “mediaBrowserSaveVSTEffectInternalState_” see my example, here is “Steinberg Media Technologies” and is “Padshop”. Your should find something like this:
     <string name="Group" value="mediaBrowserSaveVSTEffectInternalState_Steinberg Media TechnologiesPadshop"/>

... snip ...

  1. delete the complete item.
  2. Save the Defaults.xml


I have to correct myself: in Cubase 7.5.20 it IS possible to rename the folder directly from within the Preset-Save-Dialog via [right click on folder]->“Rename”. So there should be no need to rename User-Preset-Sub-Folders using the Finder / Explorer.

Still valid is that renaming folders in the the MediaBay is somehow broken, that should be fixed.