Cubase stopping playback when stock plugins loaded or unloaded

I have a problem that is not dissimilar to the classic ‘Cubase pauses playback briefly when loading plugins’, but instead of pausing, playback stops completely and needs to be manually restarted after loading or unloading one of a select group of plugins. This group includes several stock plugins, such as Compressor, Gate and Limiter. It also happens with some (not all) third-party plugins. Does anybody have a solution to this slightly aggravating first-world problem?

Thanks in advance!

Are you actively inserting new plugins while your project is playing, and playback sometimes stops when you do this?

Yes, if I insert a plugin while the project is playing, playback simply stops (and the transport controls correctly show ‘stopped’ - this isn’t a freeze). I should add that I’m on Win 10, i7, 32GB RAM. And that this does not happen with every plugin. And also, that it never happened, as far as I can recall, in earlier versions of Cubase (I’ve been a user since Cubase VST).