Cubase stuck at "Loading Mix Console"

Hi there, I am having the issue of not being able to open my Cubase project and my Native Access instruments are not loading in the specific library folders they usually are in for Kontakt instruments. As of right now it is stuck on “Loading Mix Console” and not opening. I am using a hard drive for my samples but that shouldn’t be an issue. Please let me know if there is anything I can do the solve the problem. Thank you

Few questions…

  1. What are your OS and Cubase version ?
  2. Is this a recent issue and have you changed something in your setup before it occured ?
  3. Did you try relaunching Cubase in safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option (the Deactivate all third party plug-ins one could also be useful, wouldn’t it be for troubleshooting purpose) ?
  1. I guess that you meant an external one. It shouldn’t be an issue, unless there is a setting in Kontakt that prevents it to load the samples, something like a libraries path(s) one. To be honest, I wouldn’t use an external drive for this, for access time and security reasons, but well… So, can you confirm ?

I have the same issue. None of my projects are loading and Cubase keeps crashing, no matter what session I am trying to load.

Hi @cubic13 thank you for getting back to me! Also I apologize for the confusion, I am using an external hard drive. Only some of the samples could fit on my computer because I have a terabyte of storage space on my mac. I had to move my samples to my LaCie in order to download the rest of my samples. That being said, I did get my project to load after waiting a couple of minutes and Cubase started to respond again. As to answer your other questions I am using Cubase 12 and Mac OS Monterey version 12.6.3. I did use safe mode using current program preferences. I believe the issue had to do with how long it takes to load the samples from my external hard drive which as you said is not recommended. Is there a way to speed up the process or do I just need to be patient? The software even though it is working now is still slow at loading certain plugins. Thank you for your time.

I’m having the exact same issue here with the latest Cubase 13 Pro update, when I load a project, it mostly gets stuck when it’s loading the mix console in the background (still seeing the Cubase 13 Pro Splashscreen) . I have to then use the Taskmanager to force close Cubase and then restart it again, … funny thing is that the 2nd time round it always loads perfectly. … no idea why this is happening… but just to repeat; this is happening with the the latest cubase 13 Pro update 13.0.30 …
Windows 11

I’ve had this issue for the last few hours and the best solution currently I think is checking that your iLock manager is working properly, every time I’ve opened it and signed in before opening a Cubase session Cubase has loaded fine if you give it a few seconds but I’ve just tried again and now that the iLock server is having problems and I can’t login Cubase won’t load the projects either so I want to say that’s the issue?