Cubase stuck on loading project [Solved]

This is in both 7.5.4 and 8.0.3.

My most recent project wont load - it just gets stuck on Loading MixConsole and…nothing. Please help!

Win 7 x64, RME HDSP 9652.

Update: look at the last post

What vsts are loaded?

  • you could try to rename the vst in your vst folder and start the project… (Rename it to vst.BAK or so)Just to see if it starts…
    (The missing vst dialog will appear, but u just wanna see if it starts like this…)…

Then you can deactivate/power off the vst in the project and save , or save a copy …

Rename your vsts and start it up again

I think it could be Maschine.

As my previous project didn’t load I started another one recreating it. Then today I load it and it gives me an error about maschine - it didn’t load the VST! I wonder why? This is Maschine v2.4. So I suspect with the previous project this was the issue as well.

Anyone else having problems with Maschine v2.4?


MAschine was the culprit. More specifically, some plugin scanning under maschine - In Maschine’s Plugin preferences I turned off FL Edison, Independence, Melodyne, VE Pro, Geist and Omnisphere and started the project again and VOILA - no issues! So one of those plugins was the actual issue (my guess is Edison).

Both my previous project and my current project work fine now. Thanks for the suggestions!