Cubase Studio 4 on Mac OS X Capitan

Hello all,

So, it may be old but Cubase Studio 4 has done well for me since I purchased it in 2007. I’ve had very few problems with it and can still get it working on Windows 10.

As of today though I’m now a Mac user (mainly because of the draw to Mainstage and QLab). I tried installing my Cubase Studio 4 onto the Mac and was told I needed a version that was “at least 10.4” I actually have version 10.11.6 and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t installing.

Having contacted Apple they informed me that Studio 4 wasn’t supported by the OS.

I find it weird Windows 10 supports this version of Cubase but Capitan, doesn’t.

Short of splashing out £400 on a newer version of Cubase (I see Cubase Pro 8.0 is supported by Capitan) could anyone possibly suggest a way of getting my Studio 4 working on this OS?

Thanks in advance!

At this point I strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest version. Sticking with old software for too long only leads to bad headaches (like this one).

A ton of stuff was added and improved in the past 10 years, and the newer versions improve the workflow quite a bit. Whether you work with audio or MIDI (or both), there’s plenty of useful new stuff for everyone. They also take better advantage of modern hardware and the features of modern operating systems.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I do feel it’s time for an upgrade BUT shelling out another £400 on Cubase and, potentially, Dimension Pro (VST instruments, which I’m not sure is compatible yet) is really going to set me back at this moment.

If there was a way of getting my current version of Cubase working that would see me through the next few months.