Cubase Studio 4, what is the next worth upgrade at a discount?

I have re-installed my old Cubase Studio 4.

What is the next worth upgrade at a discount ?

There is no discount for the latest etc. … obviously!


If there is nothing, then I will buy elsewhere.

Already got a couple I like - their layout and the way they work, but I do like Cubase too.

I got no problems in re-learning.

At present I am playing with Cakewalk.


… got it now!

I went here Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg and chosen Artist 12 version and RIDICULOUSLY, they take £. 25 off from Cubase 4 LE or Studio (which was 400 at the time) are they NUTS?

LE and Studio 4 are at the same level, why one was 10x more expensive then?

Nice way to keep customers.


You can only upgrade to the newest version. Surely you can’t expect it to be super cheap when your version is ancient?

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This is not true, Cubase Studio was renamed Artist in later versions, whereas LE is usually just given away free with audio interfaces. Cubase Studio 4 was released 17 years ago, so it is remarkable that any discount is available in 2023.

As far as I can see, the only update path from the Studio product line is to either Artist or Pro, however you should download the trial of Cubase 12 Elements because that is almost as powerful now as Cubase Studio 4 was all that time ago.

If you decide then to purchase Elements, you can usually upgrade to Artist for just the price difference, but there are occasional offers of up to 40% off such upgrades – just be patient, because I don’t think they are predictable.

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I am not in a hurry at present, as I am busy with other things.

OK, thanks for the info and for taking the time.