Cubase Studio 5 - How Best to Upgrade

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I’ve been using an old version of Cubase Studio for many years (Cubase Studio 5). It has served my needs well - I am mostly importing and editing audio files, mixing and mastering - and using a number of plugins and VSTs (ex, Waves, FabFilter L2, Omnisphere). I do some audio recording from time to time, but on a limited/simple basis - such as recording audio from my MCP or keyboard into Cubase via my UR44C sound card.

Reaching out for help on how to upgrade to a modern and suitable version of Cubase (Pro, Artist or Elements)… it looks like Cubase Studio was discontinued.
Also, do I need to buy a full-on new version, or is there an ‘upgrade’ process?



I’m sorry, Cubase Studio 5 is too old for any update. The only option for you is to buy a new version.

Thank you for the response Martin. Do you have any recommendations on which product most closely resembles Cubase Studio 5 (ex, Elements, Artist etc)?

You can find a feature comparison chart here …

Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

You say that you have a UR44C, right? Does that mean that you also have a Cubase AI license? If so, you might be able to update that to AI 13 for free.

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You could probably manage with Elements, but I’d get Artist on the principle that it’s better to have too many features rather then too few.
Some features, of any software, you may only use once in a blue moon, but when that blue moon rises, it’s nice to have that feature on hand (whatever it is!).