Cubase Studio 5 Video Problems.

Basically in Device Setup> Video> Video Player, there are no options to select the playback engine etc.

I do have Windows Media Player and Quicktime installed. I’m on update 5.5.3 as well.

Here is what it looks like:

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Read the fine documentation that comes with 5.5…

I already have, which is why I came here. Thanks for being so helpful…

Then additionally read [u]this[/u] also…

What’s the use of reading an ad/description page to solve a problem?

From New Video Engine for Cubase and Nuendo:

Playback is based on the QuickTime engine alone on both Mac and PC. That means that on PC there is no setup needed and > only one playback method instead of three is available.

Obviously at least one more person found the use (no, it´s not you :wink: ):
It helps you identify, if there really is a problem. You might find out one day, when you actually try it…

Cubase 5.5 got a new video engine. This video engine needs Apple QuickTime Player 7.x installed to play back Video. Install it and have fun.

But the new engine and its menues are (like many other new things, for instance the complete new mediabay-surface) not considered in the manual (even not in the pdf!). Slack performance, Steinberg!!
Therefore in the Cubase manual in chapter “Video” there is shown the wrong, old menu for choosing video devices wich is not necessary in C 5.5, because it always uses the QuickTime Engine! And the user is led to think: “My cubase doesn’t recognize any video devices!” It took me ours to find out this - also because in this thread nobody considers it useful to write explicit answers. Now I will do so and hope You can have it faster!

@ Steinberg: I always prized the precise, complete and very good subdivided manuals in professional diction coming with your software. Please don’t give up this tradition!

My sentiments exactly! Thank you Zack7! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. Exactly like this
Ver. 5.5.3

Quicktime is installed.
Win 7, 64 bit

No player to select in video options.

No thumbnail generated.

However, In VIDEO window, it shows video when playback.

Any ideas?
Thank you.

Hi, this post may be a little late in the making but as a reference to you or anyone still using the Cubase Studio 5 and is experiencing video problems in windows 7, when opening Cubase Studio 5 right click the icon and select the compatibility option in the properties then select a vista option, I chose Window Vista Service Pack 2 when I was experiencing video problems with my Cubase Studio 5.

I hope this was helpful…