Cubase Subscription Yes or No?

With the new 30 day rolling Validation and Yearly validation will SB be offering subscriptions for Cubase 12?

The infrastructure for this new validation seems to lean heavily towards a possible subscription model.

Can SB confirm?

I’m on Cubase 10.5 and I’m wondering wether to upgrade to 11 to get 12 free or just subscribe to Cubase instead as it’s not my main DAW and using it every now and again for 30 days would be handy for certain midi based projects as I mainly work in audio.


We have stated over and over again that we will not be introducing subscription pricing along with the new Steinberg Licensing system. As the FAQ says:

Does the introduction of Steinberg Licensing mean that Steinberg is introducing subscription pricing?

The introduction of Steinberg Licensing does not change anything today about the way we sell our products. However, the new system does open up many new possibilities for the way we offer our products, and we plan to explore these in future.

We know that many of our existing customers are concerned that Steinberg may switch to a subscription pricing model for our products. Please be reassured that whatever options for buying Steinberg software products may be offered in future, we have no plans to withdraw the option to buy and use our existing software products under a perpetual license, just as we always have.

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