Cubase suddenly won’t find RME Fireface UC

Cubase 12.0.40 running on a Win10 laptop.

Here’s a strange problem: I’ve been running Cubase with various RME interfaces since like 18 years. Switched from a Babyface Pro to a Fireface UC a couple of years ago. Recorded an EP in Cubase with the Fireface and my current laptop, worked perfectly. A year ago, I went back to the Babyface for some outdoor recording. After that, Cubase wouldn’t recognise the Fireface anymore. I tried a lot of stuff, including re-installing the RME drivers, in the end it worked again.

Now, the problem is back, though I didn’t use the Babyface (nor any other audio interface) in between: Cubase worked perfectly with the Fireface at my last recording session a few weeks ago. In general, the laptop works fine with the Fireface, I get audio from other apps and the TotalMix software works fine. Only for Cubase, the Fireface doesn’t seem to exist; the Asio driver dropdown on the Audio System page will only show the other drivers (Realtek, Asio4All, my Elektron Analog RYTM, Generic Low Latency Asio Diver), but not the Fireface.

Yeah, it sounds like you need to download the RME ASIO driver & install it. The other apps are able to access the Fireface via the Windows driver, but Cubase needs the ASIO. You can verify which drivers (ASIO and not) your PC has installed using Device Manager. Windows needs to see the ASIO driver before Cubase can find it.

Hi Raino,
thanks, that’s an explanation why the Fireface works with the other apps using WDM and not with Cubase … but in general, ASIO for the RME is installed, I was using Cubase with the RME ASIO drivers just weeks ago; so it’s strange that those ASIO drivers suddenly dissapear (or are unable to connect to Cubase) for the 2nd time in 2 years now — while I’ve not been doing anything irregular (like, using other audio interfaces or DAWs) in the meantime …

Sometimes tech things act up for no clear reason. It’s odd that Cubase isn’t seeing your Fireface now. Maybe try checking if Cubase’s settings are looking in the right place for the Fireface? Like, maybe it got mixed up after using the Babyface before. Also, maybe giving the laptop a restart could help kick things back into place

yeah, definitely no clear reason here :smiley: … Babyface was a clear reason, but that’s 1.5 years ago now (was for my “Classic FM Sounds Reimagined on the Elektron Digitone” vid on YT) … now, no clear reason at all.
What I already did: Restart Cubase, restart the computer, restart the Fireface. In different order, several times. But well, seems like it will have to be the uninstall/reinstall RME drivers procedure again (IIRC I had to do that also more than once after the Babyface mess)

I have some experience with UC and UFX series as well. Please could you just install the driver when the Fireface is connected to the computer. No need to do uninstall first. Installing process should finish with the message “device updated”. It seems to me like the rme driver install checks and makes a note on which USB port the device is connected at the moment.

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I had this happen recently with a windows update. I just re installed the drivers for my RAYDAT and all was well. It was very strange though as you say.


Beyond there lie sea serpents

LOL :slight_smile: …even worse if you’re on OSX though… mighty monsters await!!!


Hey, thanks, this time installing the freshly downloaded RME drivers once with the Fireface connected did the job, just as you suggested!