Cubase SX (1) export playback issue

Hello everyone,

first of all, I’m new on this site so I don’t know if there are some threads which already cover the subject.

Either way, I’m new at using Cubase and encountered a strange playback issue after exporting a file (as any format possible).
Software other than Cubase, which all should support the more general audio files (windows media player, groove music, audacity, virtual dj, …), don’t want to accept the files I produce due to some codec problem (or so it says).

I did find a few threads about this codec problem, but everything I do doesn’t seem to work.
So, I’ll try to clearly describe what I did to my settings, so far, because I don’t know if the problem might already start at that point.

First time I started Cubase I created an empty project and saved it in some random empty folder in the Cubase map. “Testfile.cpr”
Afterwards I switched the ASIO driver to my external audio interface and checked “Release ASIO Driver in Background”.
I checked whether the VST inputs and outputs were okay and can’t see anything wrong up to that point.

Next, I took a look at the VST connections underneath the menu ‘Devices’.
The settings for stereo recordings were already in there but I added a mono port (both at input and output).
My ASIO device has 2 mic ports (1 Steinberg Cl1 and 2 Steinberg Cl2). They were already appointed to the stereo channels, left and right respectively.
I did attach the 1 Steinberg Cl1 port to the mono channel as well, could that give a problem?
Either way, afterwards I created an empty mono track, did some recording (yes, I enabled recording), and finally I tried to export a file. “Trial”

Apparently it really became a trial… At the export menu I chose audio mixdown after fully selecting my recorded track with “P”.
I gave it some name and arranged the mixdown settings as follows: PCM/Uncompressed waves, Mono channels, 16 bit reso, 44.1KHz sample rate, Audio 01(Mono) output. I left real-time export, update display, import to pool or audio track unchecked.
After clicking on save, it does save a file, which I can open in Cubase.
However, any other kind of software can’t read the wav file (I also tried other kinds of file formats, none works).
Kind of frustrating after some weeks of trials and many errors.
All kinds of software say it has something to do with the codec, but I did export them as .wav, .mp3 or any other compatible file for other audio programs.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for reading this. I’d be grateful if anyone would tell me what I’m doing wrong. (Using Cubase SX on Windows 10??? Because I do so)

Either way, I’ll be happy to receive some tips!!!

Kind regards, Jelle