Cubase SX 2 on Win 7 32 bit ?

Has anyone got this working ?

If so is it stable and working normally ?

If you just copy the folder from the Program Files folder of a working Windows XP installation it should work fine.

Have only tried this with SX3, I’ve never used it long enough to really say, I just tried it out in order to import some older files. Seemed to be fine though.


So you’re saying just copy the folder over from an XP installation to the Win 7 installation ?

Surely you have to run the original installer, then all the update installers ?


Run all the updates on the XP installation beforehand.

I’m assuming you have a working SX2 or higher license on a dongle. On the W7 machine, install the latest eLicenser software only, copy the XP folder across and it should work.

Cool. I thought it would be more complex than that e.g. registry entries etc.