Cubase SX 3.02

I’m helping an elderly friend with CB 3.02 (yes really!) running on Windows XP
When he records tracks and plays them back individually, they play fine
When he listens to the tracks simultaneously, there are lots of delays and crackles
Ideas/solution please?
Thank you!


It really sounds like the sample buffer of the audio interface must be raised.

Thank you Steve - I am new to this so what would you recommend and how do I change it please?

Open Device Setup from the Devices menu in Cubase SX:

Refresh page if you don’t see the animation.

Increase the buffer. The device name might be different on your friend’s system.


Windows XP is really dated and its questionable how it works with new hardwere.

Why don’t you install it on windows 7 for ex? I have feeling maybe it will work on win 10 right out of box.

Second to that why doesn’t he open project in newer versions of cubase?
Or simply export stems and use in newer version.
I am trying to understand why he using xp & sx3 ?

We don’t know what hardware he’s using.

Indeed… Hw info? :thinking:

Thank you Steve

I get an error message when I click on control panel so cannot access the menu for increasing buffer

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best wishes

In this case, there’s something wrong with the setup.

It will be difficult to troubleshoot a 20 year old system, but please understand that generic info like

will not be enough to help you. Specific info and verbatim quote of the actual message is needed, and even then I would not get my hopes up too much.

If you yourself are not familiar with this technology please tell us.

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@steve is right.
But why don’t you try to adjust the buffer size from outside Cubase.
Find your interface’s settings and adjust the buffer size, THEN open Cubase and see if it is fixed.

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I will try that and let you know, thank you Steve

Tried increasing buffer size to max and then launching Cubase but it hasn’t solved the problem.

Have attached pics of the error messages below.

My friend is 85 years old and is a saxophone/clarinet teacher and has been using Cubase on Windows XP for 20 years. He’s just got a MacBook and is worried about the transition. Can you advise what version of Cubase he should buy please?

Why do you get a message about setting the sample rate? Are you sure you are messing with the buffer size?
If so then try to set the clock on internal.

Cubase 13 will be out soon and hopefully will be running with the latest MacOs.

This problem is due to limitations of the driver, I would presume.

Only the latest version can be purchased. There’s a bit of a discount fo an SX 3 owner, be sure to counsel him to do purchase an update, and not buy new. A fairly stripped-down edition does come free with Steinberg and Yamaha audio interfaces though – Cubase AI. Have a look at the cubase comparison chart

Buy a better audio interface. That Edirol hardware might be okay, but Roland drivers for ASIO are not great. If price is the main criteria, I’d recommend the UR12, the lowest cost Steinberg interface, personally though I think the sweet spot for this would be a UR22-C

How do I set the clock to internal please?

@almaelectronix as @timvirdee’s screenshot shows, Internal Clock is already set.

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Oh yes, sorry my bad, I just read the edirol driver message on the lower screenshot.

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Windows XP is quite outdated, and its compatibility with modern hardware is questionable. It might be worth trying to install it on a more recent operating system like Windows 7 or even Windows 10, as it could potentially work without issues. Additionally, it’s puzzling why the person doesn’t generator the project in newer versions of Cubase or export stems to use in a more recent version. Understanding their reason for sticking with XP and Cubase SX3 is the goal.