Cubase SX 3. 1. 1 Build 944 Compatability.

I have Cubase SX 3.1.1 and I wish to update it. Will I be able to transfer all my recordings, audio and midi and musical scores to a new version? What version would you recommend?

Yes, you’ll be able to load your project files directly into the latest version of Cubase. I would recommend copying them to a new folder, and within that new folder, open each one and make any adjustments necessary, then save it, which will bring it up to the latest project format. The important thing is that you won’t be able to open a project file from the newer Cubase with SX3, so be careful and backup everything first.

That depends on your work requires really, and the clue is in the name – Artist covers most things a solo musician or a small band would need, whereas Pro can run a complete studio. Even Elements is so much more powerful than SX3 that it’s also worth considering, and you can always upgrade to the next edition for the price difference if you feel the need. There’s a feature comparison here.

Please just upgrade to Cubase Pro to avoid a headache. The lower tier versions will be missing features that Cubase SX 3 had, including the advanced score editor (which btw has been greatly improved since).

You’ll get a big discount on Cubase Pro since you own SX, just pick the right option while buying it from the store. You’ll still be able to run Cubase SX 3 with your upgraded license.

To use your old 32 bit plugins you’ll have to use the jBridge Beta (1.75). This is pretty easy to setup.

You would save $130 if you have a registered version of SX.