Cubase SX 3.1.1 Build 944: Probs with Spectrasonics Trilian

Operating system: Win 7
Both Cubase and Trilian run in 32Bit

Hi there,

I have the following problem: In Cubase SX 3.1.1 I can select Trilian (current version 1.4.1d) in the VST-Instruments menu, but even though it’s in there, I can’t select it in the MIDI-Out menu of the MIDI channel! So I can’t use this VST. Strangely enough, when a Trilian sound is selected, the audition button works (plays one note to get a rough idea of the sound). But that’s as far as it gets - I can’t play it via MIDI .

Trilan is an instrument with VST version 2.4, which according top the forum should work with SX 3.1.1 build 944 ( ). I also have Spectrasonics’ RMX which is also VST 2.4 and it works without problems.

I checked the „old host behaviour“ box in the plugin information (closed Cubase, reopened it) , but nothing changed. I even shut down the computer after closing down Cubase – nothing changed.
I hope someone has an idea …

Cheers + mit freundlichem Groove, Vogel T.
Trilian Plugin-Info looks o k - similar to Stylus RMX which works.jpg
Trilian in VST-Instruments but not able to select it in MIDI Out.jpg