Cubase SX 3 will not install

Out of the blue Cubase SX 3 would not open when clicking on the icon on the desktop. I’m using a PC intel 5 quad core and win 7 home premium. Everything has been working fine and literaly out of nowhere, with no recent hardware or software additions to the computer, it would not open. I tried to run the update and got the error:
“There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat installation.”
I did this and still get the error. I decided to uninstall cubase and I emptied the app data roaming files, turned off the computer and removed the dongle. I turn on the computer again try to install from the original disk and get the aforementioned error again. It does not tell me what “processes” are inhibiting the installation, so I turned off everything on Norton and even unplugged the computer from the internet and still get the same message. Please help. I have not found any related subjects in the forum or FAQ, so I beseech anyone’s help.
Thanks, AD

I have found one within 1 minute on the next forum page…

I saw the post by dragon17, but was hoping someone might respond with another possibility that did not involve uninstalling everything and then reinstalling everything. I’m glad you found that post in one minute, it took me a minute and a half. I also appreciate you being specific about what you found. Oh wait, you weren’t specific. Thanks for the help.