Cubase SX and VST question


I didn’t find a Cubase SX forum, so I post here.

I have Cubase SX, and also SL3. My question is how I know the VST version that these programs have and if they are compatible with Omnisphere VST instrument, because these are the requirements of Omnisphere:

VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS capable host software.

Thanks a lot for your help!!


“Legacy Steinberg Cubase”

I’m going by wikipedia here:

Cubase SX3 was released in 2004
The VST 2.4 spec was ratified in 2006 (same year as Cubase 4’s release).

Based on this fact, I don’t think that SX3 supports VST 2.4

Thanks Shinta! You have been very helpfull and you gave me a good resource (wikipedia) that I hadn’t tried yet in this issue. :smiley: