Cubase SX3 and DDE Encoder and DTS Encoder

well I need to know how I can to have a new copy of Cubase sx3.1, upgrade of Cubase SX2.2.
I’ve my original dvd installation disk but it’s don’t go.
This because on Steinberg site I read that with this cubase’s version it’s possible to use the DDE Encoder and DTS Encoder . If it is necessary I can to give my authorized code, ecc…

Hi and welcome on the forum,

I sent you PM with Cubase SX 3.1 ISO link.

Please, don’t provide an Activation Code publicly in any case. :wink:

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Thank you very much!!! Now I download the SX3, well it’s little slow…if all go ok you have made of me the man most happy of the world!!! :))))
I will know you the end of this work!!
Thank you a lot!!

the installation stop also with iso file of SX3 at the same point: C.\WINDOWS\Fonts\ stein___.ttf.
I must uninstall the elicenser, so the application install syncrosoft license (old elicenser) then start the application from .exe because in autorun it do not go, then after the pinnacle window and others windows (always start) the installation begin but after few second stop in the same point.
What I can do?
Oh thank you for your welcome to the forum!


I’m sorry, Cubase SX3 is unsupported version, for many many years already.

On which Windows version do you try to install this Cubase SX, please? Cubase SX 3 was Windows XP compatible.

Have you tried to start the installation as administrator, please? What happens, if you copy the font to the relevant folder manually beforehand?

Sorry, I’m even not a Windows guy…

Windows 10, but I have installed with different compatibility system like xp.
Yes I install like Administrator, and… well I do not undestand wich font I to see for insert in c/windows/fonts folder…
well…thank you…