Cubase SX3 and Sylenth1 problem

I purchased and installed VST2 32bit Sylenth1 in plugins folder

However when l launched Cubase SX V3.1.1

Sylenth1 does not appear in VST Instruments.

The .DLL is in the VST folder.

I’m using an lntel Pentium 4. Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I think maybe l need an older version of Sylenth1 installer?

In plugin information panel it lists Sylenth1 as unloadable.

Any ideas what’s going wrong here?
Thanks folks.

Have you checked with the vendor that the plugin is supported still on such an old version of Cubase, and on such an old version of Windows?

Thanks dude, in progress. Could you tell me if Cubase SX 3 supports VST2 32-bit plugs, hard to get an answer anywhere. Cheers


Cubase SX3 is a 32-bit application, and can only run 32-bit VST2 plugins.

I see, it’s a Lennart Digital problem so l think, thanks for the info. I’ll solve it yet.


Check “Devices | Plug-in information” to make sure the folder containing the DLL is listed:
Can you see the other synths, such as Embracer?

Yes it is listed in plugin information but classed as unloadable. Awaiting Lennart Digital response. Thanks!

Windows XP is not listed in the system requirements on the Sylenth 1 support page. It looks like you would need at least Windows 7.

They have a version 3.032 specifically for Windows XP in their version history. That’s what lm using. Cheers.

Ah, good! Best of luck with getting it working! :crossed_fingers:

Yes, just waiting on them to reply, thanks for the help. I’ll post whatever solution l or they, come up with.