Cubase SX3 and Win 7 issues


I have searched all over for a solution. If it is here, I have not seen it.

Anyway, I have used SX3 since it came out and love it.

I recently installed Win 7 on an extra drive in the recording computer.
This was primarily done to get all of my 16 tracks to record at once from a MOTU 896 and an Ultralite.
The 896 and an optical in (8 extra tracks) works fine, but cannot borrow one anytime I need.
So the Ultralite and the 896 is what there is.

The other drive is XP Pro 1 where it works well, with the memory and simultaneous track limits inherent…

So with Win 7 in 64 bit, and SX3 in 64 bit, has been working, albeit the 32 bit plugs that do not load.

The big problem is I cannot install the (2) SX3 updates and .944.
There is mention of a process running preventing the install, and to reboot… which does nothing.
The e-licenser is updated… when I did the install of SX3…

What to do?


Open the Task-Manager and stop the running process.

For the 32-bit plugins you can think about using jBridge, to bridge them to 64-bit. It’s a great tool.

Thanks for the reply!

Which process should I end process to? I do not see anything obvious to the dongle running…
And Cubase is not active, when I try to update it.

What worked for me is to just copy the entire folder in C:\Program Files on the XP machine to the Windows 7 machine, then just double-click the the SX3 exe file.

Thanks MrSoundman,

I have 32 bit on the XP drive, and 64 bit on the Win 7 drive…

I may try this suggestion anyway, then my wave stuff would run on the Win 7 side.
Main importance is to get my 16 analog tracks to record at once, and get good memory use.

Start your Windows 7 in safe mode, install cubase sx3 and reboot.